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About PetsandPropertysitters

Ours is an exciting new internet based company providing a safe platform to connect owners (hosts) with capable and trustworthy sitters who care for their pets for free when their owners go away. We have a wealth of petsitting experience and know just how precious your pets are. Join our network of animal lovers and you can go away feeling sure your pets will be loved and looked after just as you would. And it won't cost a penny.

We love being cared for by our sitters because we can ....

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The Great Exchange - How it Works

Petsitters take care of the host’s pets and property when they go away in exchange for free accommodation. Clearly a great deal of respect for each other is required for this to work successfully and we believe the key to building trust and respect is honest communication between both parties.

Our website is very easy to use and we are now offering free membership. Simply follow our easy instructions to become a sitter, a host or both. Get started with your details today and add dates later if you don’t have any exact plans at the moment.

What sitters are saying about the site

"Thanks to the internet my life has opened up in a way I never imagined. I just got back from New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and I’m already planning my next trip which will be in Europe"
"This site is very easy to use because it’s so straightforward and uncomplicated. It’s free to join as well which is unbelievable really.”
"It’s such a great way to enjoy a new place and no bills to pay. I’m telling everyone about it so the network spreads."
"I’ve done petsitting before for friends and they didn’t mean to but they threw me in at the deep end. I think the Code of Conduct spelled out in the Pets and Property Sitters Agreement form to be a real support to prevent that from happening."
"We’ve just retired so we’ve plenty of time to travel but need to keep tabs on the budget. We had a lot of pets when the children were at home and find petsitting very easy to do, it comes naturally. The massive bonus is we can go away more often and stay in places longer with this exchange."

What owners are saying about the Great Exchange

“We love the Great Exchange. We hated the thought of leaving the dogs anywhere other than home so we never went anywhere, but that’s changed now- we can leave them knowing they’re happy at home with responsible sitters who will care for them just as we do.”
“It really works well all round. The dogs are happy, we’re happy and it's great there are no fees to pay”
“We’re confident to choose a sitter from PetsandPropertysitters listings because it clearly attracts genuine animal lovers”
“Until now we’ve hardly left our menagerie - chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits and our two sheep. There’s a limit to how many times you can ask friends and family to step in. The exchange system really is great and just what we need. It’s expensive to take a young family on holiday and I can see we’ll use it a lot.”
“To my mind pet lovers are responsible and caring and as long as they stick to the code of conduct expressed in the PetsandPropertysitters Agreement we are more than happy to use sitters.”
“There are plenty of like minded cat fans out there who are genuinely happy to be looking after ours when we go away. We’re confident they’re secure at home and they probably don’t miss us much at all.”
“The most important thing to us is the care of our dogs but it helps to know the house will be more secure because it’s occupied and there’s less chance of a break in while we’re away.”

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